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1. How are parks, trails, or amenities impacted by COVID-19?
2. Are Summer Camps offered at the park?
3. What extra precautions will be taken at summer camp due to COVID-19?
4. What hours are the parks open?
5. Can I bring my dog to the park?
6. How can I schedule a special event, such as walk/run or concert at a park?
7. When do to the Splash Pads at Dillon Park and Finch Creek Park open?
8. Can I bring alcohol in the park?
9. Is there a public pool at Forest Park?
10. Can fireworks be set off in the park?
11. Can I drive my golf cart on the trails?
12. Can I have a bonfire at the park?
13. Do I need to bring sunscreen for my child at summer camp?
14. Does summer camp still take place if it is raining?
15. What does my child need to bring to camp?