Parent & Child Programs

Make memories and enjoy special bonding time at our unique Parent & Child Programs! 

Father-Daughter Princess Ball 
The Father-Daughter Princess Ball took place in March, 2023. Fathers and daughters had a special evening spending time together dancing the night away at this semi-formal event! 
Mother-Daughter Tea Party
The Mother-Daughter Tea Party took place in May, 2023 . Mothers and daughters had a magical experience filled with special treats and quality time together!

Mother-Son Fun Night

The Mother-Son Fun Night will take place in the Fall of 2023. Mothers and sons had an eventful evening filled with water fights, dodgeball, and other competition-based fun! 

Father-Son: A Night with Dad

The Father-Son Night will take place in the Fall of 2023. Fathers and sons will build their own toolbox and enjoy dinner over the fire. 

Be on the lookout for other fun and exciting Parent/Guardian & Child Programs planned in 2024!  

Details are being finalized for each program and registration will open soon. Check back for updates or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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