Noblesville Parks Foundation

We Believe Parks Are More Than Just a Place.
Our mission is to support the City of Noblesville Parks and Recreation Department –
Its programs, the people it serves, and the place it provides our citizens, neighbors, and visitors. 

Our park system is 876 acres of land across 7 developed parks. These parks are places where a new mom brings her toddler to experience the first zoom down the slide.
A place where a busy dad slows down on a walk to recharge with nature.
Or where friends meet up to laugh and listen to music in the park. 

Our parks are our places. Where we have experiences. Where we reflect and recharge. Where we connect. Noblesville Parks are more than a place, they are our places.

Our parks are here to serve everyone. But it takes care, funding, and forward planning to keep them equitable. The Noblesville Parks Foundation exists to ensure our parks continue to thrive as places that welcome, serve, and connect us all.

Invest in Noblesville Parks Foundation
As you continue to be a parks patron, please also consider becoming a parks investor. Whether you can invest your time as a volunteer or an ambassador, or financially as a donor, you are keeping our most treasured spaces, the places we value.

Memorial Programs

Interested in memorializing a special someone in your life? Contact us about our Tree and Bench Dedication program. 

Board Members

Noblesville Parks Foundation Board Members include:

  • Erin Light, President
  • Sam Robinson, Vice President
  • Stacy Ambler, Treasurer
  • J.D. Durst, Secretary
  • Brandon Bennett, Director of Parks, Ex-Officio
  • Ken Bubp, Member
  • Tommy Freeborn, Member
  • Susan Golightly, Member

The Noblesville Parks Foundation Objectives
To clearly position The Noblesville Parks Foundation as a fundraising auxiliary and ambassador for the parks system. To communicate the benefit and impact of fundraising. To effectively pivot community members and businesses from park users to park investors.

To support the City of Noblesville Parks and Recreation Department and its programs through strategic fundraising, donor, and community engagement.

To clearly communicate the benefits of our parks system and the importance of capital investment for future development.