Noblesville Parks Foundation


The Noblesville Parks Foundation is a joint venture between the parks and their citizen supporters to serve as a fundraising auxiliary for the Noblesville Parks and Recreation Department and its programs. The Foundation also serves as a volunteer coordination resource for the department. This shared adventure in community enrichment allows the Foundation to provide donors the opportunity to contribute to valuable programs and services provided by the Noblesville Parks and Recreation Department. 

Guiding Principles

Simply put, the purpose of the Foundation consists of three main principles:

  • To dedicate, organize, and provide volunteers
  • To secure donations, grants, and other financial aid to fund the development and improvement of Noblesville's parks and green space. The Foundation will also receive funds and/or property, gifts, and bequests
  • To support parks and green spaces in Noblesville through the education of the public and the promotion of the opportunities and benefits of parks

If you have ever spent time in one of Noblesville's beautiful parks or have been impacted by the ecological and recreational opportunities parks provide, we ask you to consider contributing or becoming involved with the Noblesville Parks Foundation so that your dollars can grow beyond today and assure our future generations the access to quality parks and recreation. You can be sure your gift or time will be used to make a significant difference in the quality of life for our community. 


To donate or become involved, please contact the Noblesville Parks Foundation.

Memorial Programs

Interested in memorializing a special someone in your life? Contact us about our Tree and Bench Dedication program.

Board Members

Noblesville Parks Foundation Board Members include:

  • Sam Robinson, President
  • Erin Light, Vice President
  • Terri Sigman-Kennedy, Secretary
  • Stacy Ambler, Treasurer
  • Brandon Bennett, Director of Parks, Ex-Officio
  • J.D. Durst, Member
  • Steve Rogers, Member